Vote Reminder - Remind Voters to Get out and Vote, using the Vote Reminder Auto Voice Broadcast System

Vote Reminder Notification System


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Reminding people in your community, organziation, political party or those around you to vote in elections is very important.  There is no faster or better way to remind people to vote in an election than through the warmth of a personal phone call.  The problem begins when you have dozens or hundreds or thousands or even millions of people to REMIND to GET OUT AND VOTE!

Today's long distance telephone rates open the door to cost-effective advertising for everyone running for office, from President to dog catcher. Short and sweet "get out the vote" reminder calls (and commonly GOTV ID calls) can make the winning difference in your campaign -- without breaking the bank.

Now a fully automated online solution that is as easy to use as "point and click", you can signup for 24 hours a day 7 days a week. is always ready to serve you and send out all the messages you need to send reminding people to get out and vote.  Use our new service through Voice Broadcasting to send out your vote reminder phone calls. focuses on working with campaign professionals as a strategic partner, assisting in reminding voters to "Get Out and Vote", works as a team member with the political campaign, political action group or other organization to create customized communications strategies, reaching out to voters and get the message delivered.  The service even has voice professionals from: and ready to assist in the professional recording of messages tailor made to create positive responses to a political campaign.  Vote Reminder .com's expert staff of writers and scripters are ready to make certain your message grabs people's attention and brings them to a call for action. has new SMS Text Messaging services to add to the robust offer of voice message broadcasting and geo-targeted email deployment.  The new voice broadcasting platform, provides your campaign a complete turn-key solution to interact with constituents the Call Zing Voice Broadcast system is available 24/7/365, it is so easy to use a child can do it! has just one goal and desire.  To be an extension of your current and future political campaigns, reminding everyone to vote especially your supporters. realizes that many people do not make up their mind of whom they shall vote for until they are in the voting booth!  What better way to increase the likeliness of success of your political campaign than to be the party, organization or campaign that has the last positive impression on a voter, be the people that the voters remember the most by offering them a friendly and warm reminder to get out and vote!  

 Vote Reminder .com and it's sister Voice Broadcasting and SMS (Text Messaging) team members have the knowledge and dynamic platforms to bring significant value to your current and future political candidates.  

Political Messaging Services

VoteReminder's marketing and technology specialists assist candidates to create loyalty programs which produce results. messaging platforms are used for a variety of applications such as boosting response to a direct mailing, allowing "one-touch" calls into response centers aka Press 1 campaigns, sending customer alerts and reminders, conducting automated polling and more. This permits recipients to interact with your candidate in a variety of ways.

Our services include:

Spread the word with a well thought out, professionally scripted and custom recorded voice message broadcasting campaign. Voice message broadcasting has become a staple and proven tool used by successful campaigns for many years.  In their own voice or that of a voice professional your candidate can "sing" his/her praises while allowing the listener to identify themselves with your campaign and candidates views.  Be the last candidate that the perspective voter hears from before they make their vote, encourage everyone to vote making it a true democracy.

With the touch of a button a creative and informative HTML email marketing campaign can be sent to millions, and even geo-targeted to specific areas.  Email marketing your political message is important and it is environmentally friendly.  With email marketing has strategic partners capable of managing large databases and sending millions of messages in a single day!  The big advantage of the email marketing channel is it's ability to create a viral buzz about your campaign issues or candidate views.  Email Marketing of uses interactive templates accomplishing tasks such as polling, volunteer registration and driving voters to your campaign website, most importantly email marketing can also assist in raising money for the campaign.

SMS - Text Messaging to Mobile Devices

No longer used only by only teens, SMS, aka:  text messaging has become THE way to communicate, no matter who you are.  Text Messaging is:  fast, less intrusive and interactive, responses from voters are amazing when they are reminded gently about getting out and voting.  SMS / text messaging can be used in a variety of ways.  A quick poll or an instant message sent to your team of a change in debate times are just two of the ways this pivotal tool will maximize your communications.

A fancy way to instantly confirm if the person you are communicating with is a registered voter and for what party they are affiliated with. This advanced platform is a must have for accurate polling over the phone or at an event. Simple voice prompts instantly connect to a predetermined database for identification of almost any information you need.

It is like having your own robot who does all your calling for you!  This robo calling system ( ), always stays on target and never has a bad day.  Our systems allow you to schedule your voice broadcast calls days, weeks or even months out. Our Voice Broadcast robots send you custom reports on the exact data which was called or used to send messages whether Email, SMS texting or voice broadcasting. VoteReminder will make it all happen for your campaign.


Automated calls are great for:
  • Politicians
  • Lobbyists
  • Churches
  • Thrift Stores
  • HOAs
  • Unions
  • Libraries
  • Schools
Voice Broadcast With many uses:
  • School Closings
  • Outbound 911
  • Factory Recalls
  • Donation Pickup
  • Event Reminders
  • Overdue Books
  • Wake Up Calls
  • Surveys & Polls
  • Live Feedback
  • Emergency Notification

Vote Reminder Notification System

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